First Fiction about US Capitol Attack Now on Preorder

Terena Bell
2 min readDec 2, 2022

The first fiction to be published about the January 6th attack on the US Capitol is now available for preorder. Tell Me What You See, publishing December 8, 2022 from literary press Whiskey Tit, is a collection of ten experimental short stories. The title piece — a 2021 New York Foundation for the Arts City Artist Corps winner — is set in a futuristic world where society has long accepted the Capitol events and considers them to be normal. The collection’s other stories concern coronavirus quarantines in red vs blue states, climate change, and similar current events.

Written in word and image, Tell Me What You See is author Terena Elizabeth Bell’s debut fiction title. Bell is a former reporter with Washington Post, The Guardian, The Atlantic, and others. A Kentucky native, she presently lives in New York, where her landlord was once internationally-renowned novelist Philip Roth.

“Like a lot of Americans, January 6th made me feel helpless,” says Bell. “I wanted to help my country so badly yet felt there was nothing I could do. Then it hit me: I could write. I could tell the story for future generations so that this would never happen again. Tell Me What You See isn’t just the collection’s title — it’s my duty as a writer.”

Early reviews hail the title as a “must-read” (A Good Book to End the Day), “inventive and topical and fresh, emotional, chaotic, and important” (The McNeese Review), and “like a stampede of wild horses” (The Atticus Review).

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About Whiskey Tit:

Whiskey Tit attempts to restore degradation and degeneracy to the literary arts. We are unwilling to sacrifice intellectual rigour, unrelenting playfulness, and visual beauty, often leading to texts that would otherwise be abandoned in a homogenised literary landscape. In a world gone mad, our refusal to make this sacrifice is an act of civil service and civil disobedience alike, and our work reflects this.



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