Bell Will Present Her Experimental Short Fiction September 21st as Part of Award Program

New York, NY — Fiction writer Terena Elizabeth Bell is one of 3,000 New York City-based artists to receive $5,000 through the program, presented by (NYFA) and (DCLA) with support from…

For One Translation Provider, Brexit and Covid Meant the End of the Physical Office Forever

Before the covid-19 pandemic, 78 to 83 percent of people who worked for language services providers (LSP’s) worldwide reported into a physical office, according to Common Sense Advisory. But last March, everything changed. On Friday…

How Jane Austen and Charles Dickens broke the most common writing advice of our times

Photograph: Mayank Austen Soofi

‘Show, don’t tell’ is probably the most over-prescribed advice in fiction writing today: Don’t tell your reader the character’s emotions, show them.

On the whole, it’s a pretty good tip. It’s one thing to write “she’s sad,” yet quite another to show readers a woman alone in the corner of…

Terena Bell

Reporter & fiction writer; series editor, Writing Through the Classics; short story editor for hire; sponsor more writing here:

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